Company Profile


Company Profile

As a leader supplier of surface treatment & finishing, Shanghai Bursten Industrial Co, Ltd. has advanced equipment, skilled technology, top-level filament, professional expertise, rich experience to satisfy your industrial brush requirement.



Rich Experience
>3 factories,7 workshops
>15,000 sq.m. more factory area
>20 production lines
High quality
>stable-quality,on-time delivery
>FULL REFUND in case of bad quality or late delivery

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  • Glass washing machine before coated process

    Before Low-E or mirror coating process, glass should be extremely clean. For standard washing machines with roll brushes, the glass pass quickly. It’s good and clean enough for most processes. The washing machine for coating needs a special flat brushes, they have a larger contacting area with the g

  • How to distinguish pp and nylon filament?

    Combustion methodNylon (commonly known as nylon) shrinks quickly and melts into a white gel when it is close to the flame. It melts and drips in the flame and produces small bubbles. There is almost no flame when it burns, and it is blue. It will stop burning when it leaves the flame. Self-extingu

  • Concrete block brushes

    Concrete block brushesBursten is one of the leading suppliers of special brushes for concrete block production. Introduced in the early 1990s, Weber’s original strip brush has set the standard in terms of quality and performance. These standards are still valid today. We have been working with lea

  • Abrasive Brushes for Metal

    Bursten metal finishing abrasive brushes for metal are utilized in many manufacturing metal finishing applications within a range of manufacturing industries including automotive, aerospace, military, HVAC, and sheet metal processing. Bursten provides a variety of twisted, disc and rotary brushes fo

  • Brushing Solution for Finishing

    Aesthetic finishing is most common in Building & construction and Doors, gates and window industry. Brushes are used to cover or seal gaps and openings so that the appearance is neater.Antistatic and Ostrich-Feather-BrushesAntistatic BrushesWe offer antistatic brushes with ca

  • Galvanized Steel - Using Abrasive Blasting

    Painted structural galvanized steel is increasingly being used by specifiers who are seeking long-term solutions for steel structures. This increase is also because of architectural prerequisites that require color, as designers use the versatility of galvanized steel in the architectural design of

  • Technical brushes

    There are endless applications and uses for brushes since there are many different types of brushes, from hair brushes, to oral hygene brushes, to artist brushes and so on. Anyway these are “only” the most commonly known brushes. Beside these types there are Technical Brushes that are brushes used i

  • How to Choose the Right Wire Brush for Home Improvement

    Wire brushes are an excellent choice for the removal of rust and oxidations, paint, slag, weld splatter and other unwanted surface contaminants with angle grinders, bench grinders or drills. But with so many options available, how do you choose the right wire brush for the job? Here are three key fa

  • Brush & Bristle Guide

    Choose the best brush for your specific application. To prevent bacteria growth, synthetic materials are the best choice with high quality natural materials a good alternate. Our fine selection of bristles offers you a choice of solutions for any application. SYNTHETIC BRISTLES Nylon – Excellent ab

  • 9 Easy Ways to Distress Wood

    Distressed wood has the look of being weathered and old, giving it texture and a rustic, homey appeal. In some lumber stores you can buy salvaged wood called barn wood, so named as it’s mostly salvaged from old barns which have seen many years of weathering. If you were to buy wood like this f

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