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What is the advantage of the Bursten strip brush?

Escalator brush, Elevator brush, door frame brush, door bottom brush, server rack cabinet brush, raised access floor brush, desk brush, table brush, dock leveler brush is all mounted from Shanghai Bursten strip brush.

What’s the features of BURSTEN strip brush ?

1.BURSTEN strip brush Reduce air infiltration as much as 40% as compared to rubber seals. Proven to be 98.5 % effective!

2.The brush design forms a solid wall of thousands of filaments for a complete weather tight seal.

3.Suitable with irregular surfaces without impairing operation of the door, rack cabinet, escalator, desk, etc.

4.Can not crack or deform even at 70F degrees below zero.

5.Independent tests prove over million operations without degradation.

6.Provide an effective airflow sealing solution, manage air temperatures,It is the best way to keep heat in and rain, snow, wind, sand, debris, insects and rodents from penetrating the perimeter of your door, rack cabinet, desk, etc.

7.Could be made by UL94 V-0 Flame Retardant filament material

8.Common use for Residential or Commercial Building

BURSTEN has more than 2,000 strip brush standard models and we can customized the strip brush for door/escalator or other industries, including roller brush, vacuum cleaning brush which you need.


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