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Cylinder Brush

Tampico Cylinder Brush Used As Either Wet Or Dry For Scrubbing And Washing

Bursten offers custom Tampico Cylinder Brush Used as either wet or dry for scrubbing and washings and a variety of other natural fiber cylindrical brushes manufactured from vegetable fibers.

Steel Wire Cylinder Brushes

Steel Wire Cylinder Brushes For Scrubbing Applications And Wide Face Brushing

Steel wire cylinder brushes for Scrubbing applications and Wide face brushing is appropriate for applications up to constant operating temperatures of 275°F, but can be used where the Steel wire cylinder brushes for Scrubbing applications and Wide face brushing will come in contact with higher temperatures for shorter periods of time. One the environment temperatures will exceed 275°F, stainless steel cylinder brushes should be considered. Steel wire cylinder brushes for Scrubbing applications and Wide face brushing should also be considered for wet applications or when corrosion can be a factor.

Stainless Steel Cylinder Brush

Stainless Steel Cylinder Brush Suitable For Work On Stainless Steel And Aluminum Fabricated Products And Higher Heat Situations

Stainless Steel Cylinder Brush Suitable for work on stainless steel and aluminum fabricated products and higher heat situations are based on our strip brush technology, and are individually designed to meet each clients demand.

Polypropylene Cylinder Brush

Polypropylene Cylinder Brush Ideal For Water-based Part Washing And Vegetable Washing

Polypropylene Cylinder Brush ideal for Water-based part washing and vegetable washings suitable for a range of applications from aggressive scrubbing to the light dusting, in conditions of high moisture where the maintenance of consistent stiffness is desired,water-based part washing,fruit and vegetable washing,conveyor cleaning brush applications exposed to wash down or environmental conditions.

Nylon Cylinder Brush

Nylon Cylinder Brush Ideal For Cleaning Conveyor Belts And Brick Manufacturing

Nylon Cylinder Brush ideal for cleaning conveyor belts and brick manufacturing can be used as scrubbing, dusting, cleaning conveyed objects or conveyor belts, bakery and food conveyors, plating processes, lumber mills, block, and brick manufacturing, other conveyor cleaning applications.

Industrial Roller Brush

Brass Wire Cylinder Brush For Wide Face Brushing And Surface Roughening For Adhesion

Compared with steel wire cylinder brush and stainless steel cylinder brush, Brass Wire Cylinder Brush for Wide face brushing and Surface roughening for adhesion are much softer and offer a brushing action that will not scratch harder metals. If your work-piece is either brass or copper, then brass wire may be the best choice. Brass wire (or bronze wire) will not generate sparks when struck against other metallic surfaces and may be suitable for hazardous environments.

Abrasive nylon filament Brush

Abrasive Nylon Cylinder Brush Used For Surface Treatment And Cleaning

Abrasive Nylon Cylinder Brush used for surface treatment and cleaning can be used for cleaning,scrubbing,surface treatment and where an actual abrasive grit is desire3d as part of the brushing action.

Nylon Tube Cleaning Brush

Nylon Tube Brush Ideal For Cleaning Hard To Reach Areas And Interior Surfaces

General applications of nylon tube brush ideal for cleaning hard to reach areas and interior surfaces include cleaning, de-burring, polishing, reaming, finishing or removing debris or burrs from internal non-metallic and metallic surfaces.


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