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Products: coil cleaning brush

Outside Spiral Brush

Single-band Outside Spiral Brush To Assemble In Rotary Cylinder Brushes For Conveyor And Panel Cleaning

The single band outside spiral brush to assemble in rotary cylinder brushes for conveyor and panel cleaning with roller core are for the most diversified systems. The outside spiral brush offers a much wider variety concerning the fill material, fill configuration and fill density. Depending on the fill material and the dimensions we can also increase the density by up to 75% to "extremely dense"

Coil Brush

Open Wound Coil Brush Ideal For Construction Of Augers For Water Treatment And Food Processing Industry

The overall length of the Open Wound Coil Brush ideal for the construction of augers for water treatment and food processing industry can be up to 6 meters, with a trimmed diameter of 700mm. These size limits ensure that no problems are encountered with handling and delivering. Because of the manufacturing limitations, the minimum length available is approximately 25mm diameter shaft with a length of 100mm, subject to the chosen strip size.

Inward Coil Brush

Inward Coil Brush Ideal For Remove Dust And Dirt On The Wire Rod After Hard Drawing Processing

Inward coil brush ideal for remove dust and dirt on the wire rod after hard drawing processing start as straight strip brushes and are formed into a cylinder shape with the metal on the outside and the filaments pointing towards the center. The brush is then stretched open to the required pitch, sometimes referred to as lead.

Electric-welded Coil Brush

Electric-welded Coil Brush Ideal For Heavy Duty Mill Roll Brushes And Coil Finishing

Electric-welded coil brush ideal for heavy-duty mill roll brushes and coil finishing is double band outside spiral brush wound up closed, welded at their inside in order to realize a single cylindrical module. Thus it is possible to assembly more modules in order to obtain the length requested; moreover, modules become easily interchangeable. Available with different diameters, filaments, and trim length.

Wire Disc Brush

Brass Wire Inverted Disc Brush Used As Surface Finishing On Non-ferrous Materials

Bursten Brass wire inverted disc brush used as surface finishing on non-ferrous materials are specially made to clean and polish the outside of parts or to create a vacuum or seal over moving parts. These brushes can be made with natural and synthetic fibers and metal wires.

Circular Flared End Brush

Circular Flared Crimped Stainless Steel Wire End Brush Ideal For Die Grinder And Right Angle Die Grinders

Circular Flared Crimped stainless steel Wire End Brush ideal for die grinder and right angle die grinders ideal for more demanding light-duty cleaning applications in corners and hard-to-reach areas and Addressing Broad and Slightly Contoured Surfaces.

Nylon Cylinder Brush

Nylon Cylinder Brush Ideal For Cleaning Conveyor Belts And Brick Manufacturing

Nylon Cylinder Brush ideal for cleaning conveyor belts and brick manufacturing can be used as scrubbing, dusting, cleaning conveyed objects or conveyor belts, bakery and food conveyors, plating processes, lumber mills, block, and brick manufacturing, other conveyor cleaning applications.

Steel Wire Strip Brushes

Steel Wire Strip Brushes With Stainless Steel Channel For Deburring And Polishing

Steel wire strip brushes with stainless steel channel for deburring and polishing are appropriate for a large style of applications and are usually the foremost economical of the various metal brush choices. Steel wire is that the hardest of the ordinarily offered brush wires, providing a high fatigue life and sturdy cutting action.