Raw Materials

Bursten brush solutions keep all types of raw material flowing freely and efficiently. From cleaning the inside and outside of pipelines to eliminating spillage and carry-over on conveyors, our brushes protect equipment and ensure the efficient delivery of liquid, gas and solid raw materials.​

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Pipeline construction and inspection





From the cut back of pipeline coatings and deburring of cut ends, to the removal of residues prior to seam welding, our extensive range circular and twist knot brushes are the perfect combination for all your oil, gas, water and process pipeline construction needs. Designed to provide fast slag removal from weld joints, these brushes are the perfect tool for root runs to prevent porosity, burn through, inclusions and lack of fusion. Whatever the grade and size of pipe, we can deliver quickly from our extensive stock range.

Twisted in wire interior brushes or circular pigging brushes keep commissioned pipelines clean to maintain output or remove flow settlement prior to routine checking for defects.

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Any conveyor handling materials which may adhere to it requires cleaning, since the carry over will accumulate and cause unnecessary damage to the belt and rollers.

Axial strip roller brushes or tufted split core fitted under the head drum, removes all types of residues and provides continuous cleaning. Simple to maintain and virtually self cleaning, both axial and split core brushes can be replaced without removing the shaft.

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