Textiles and Apparel

Despite ever changing demands in style and fashion, brush technology is integral to the production of textiles, carpet and leather. Our brushes keep you in the loop throughout the complete manufacturing process.

Fabric finishing






Roller brushes give an even distribution of fibres during flocking and dye in the printing process. Strip brushes, clean, separate and tension in spinning and combing machines whist stretching rollers with specially angled tufts smooth out folds to prevent creases and wrinkles.

Further brushing or sueding at the final stage of production removes excess fibres and improves fibre alignment, leaving a smooth soft surface to the fabric.

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> Flocking and dying
> Spinning and combing
> Stretching

Fabric handling









Conductive brushes help to reduce problematic static generated when handling synthetic fibres. Lath brushes provide tension in tenter frames, grip yarns for knitting and warp tying, and accommodate all types of felting and structuring needles in non-wovens production.

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> Felting and non-wovens
> Static elimination

Textile machinery








Away from the fabric, roller brushes clear carding combers of entangled fibres and circular wire brushes clean weaving healds, reeds and drop wires.

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