The use of plastics and composites produces lightweight, complex shapes or formed components for use in transportation, electronics, packaging, medical and construction. From handling granules, sorting and guiding plastic components, to de-burring edges, keying and polishing surfaces, our brushes gently deliver the finish and protection you need.

Disc brushes and circular brushes not only clean out moulds, but will remove flashing and burrs from moulded or extruded components, while the use of dense spiral strip brushes spread resin and remove air bubbles from glass fibre and other composite constructions

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> Cleaning, parting off and flash removal
> Fibre glass

Conveying guiding and sorting






Granular materials and other plastic components can be easily conveyed, sorted and dispensed using flexible, wear resistant roller brushes. Custom made for your application, strip brushes and lath brushes will guide and separate moulded extruded and machined plastic parts carefully and free of damage.

Tufted lath brushes support plastic window frames on work benches, storage racks, trolleys and integrated glass unit lines, ensuring seamless workflow and protecting delicate surfaces.

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> Sorting and dispensing
> Supporting and transporting components

Film and web handling








Handling plastic film and foils presents it’s own particular problems. Tufted roller brushes spread webs of film, foil and paper evenly to keep them clear of creases and wrinkles whilst brush laths will insert, fold and seal plastic bags.

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> Film and web handling
> Folding and sealing


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