Metals and Alloys

When it comes to preparing, handling, and finishing metals and alloys, our brushes have it covered. From steel and alloy rolling mills to product fabrication and construction, KOTI brushes are invaluable in delivering the quality and finish you need.​

Steel and alloy strip processing


Before heat treatment, spiral strip roller brushes decrease the surface of steel and non-ferrous metals to prevent surface discolouration by removing pre-applied rolling oils and emulsion. As well as roughening strip prior to pickling, downstream tufted roller brushes remove pickling line residue, wash, polish and apply customer specified surface finishes. Our tufted roller brushes and spiral strip roller brushes will polish or apply matt or satin finishes prior to sealing or anodising.

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Shot blast processing

Automated shot blasting processes, designed to remove rust and scale from steel plate and structural sections, relies on spent shot being contained and reused. With the help of axial strip roller brushes, blow off units clean down treated material and recycle spent abrasive shot back to the blasting heads.

Brush striptufted brush laths and segments seal work piece entrances and exits to prevent the escape of abrasives. Similarly, blasting nozzles on portable units benefit from custom shaped cup brushes to contain and recycle spent abrasive.

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> Blast chamber cleaning and shot recovery
> Blast chamber sealing
> Blast nozzle sealing

Transporting fabricated components

Brush laths and brush plates are useful for supporting, guiding, pressing and transporting sheet metal components without damaging sensitive surfaces or finishes. Providing minimal frictional resistance and load carrying capacities of up to 2000 kg per m2, brush laths and plates can be provided in almost unlimited possibilities to suit your application.

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Pipeline and pipework

From the cut back of pipeline coatings and deburring of cut ends, to the removal of residues prior to seam welding, our extensive range circular brushes and  pipeline brushes are the perfect combination for all your oil, gas, water and process pipeline construction needs.

Twisted in wire interior brushes or circular pigging brushes keep commissioned pipelines clean to maintain output or remove flow settlement prior to routine checking for defects.

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The formation of burrs in metal work has always been a problem. Whether you are manually or automatically deburring tubular or sheet material, our circular, cup and shaft mounted brushes provides the ideal solution for the safe removal of razor sharp edges from sheared, stamped and sawn product.

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> Deburr edges

> Deburr ends
> Deburr holes, bores and threads

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