Engineering and Technology

Bursten brush solutions ensure engineering processes and electronic systems operate reliably, smoothly and safely. Our flexible brushes will protect, seal and guide equipment and parts with out impairing movement or damaging delicate surfaces. Sensitive electronic components are kept cool and clean whilst data and electrical cabling is protected from rodent intrusion.



From static elimination, component cleaning and testing to data cabinet air management,Bursten brushes provide the perfect solution to keep electronic e…

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Machinery and equipment

With ever increasing demands on productivity, machines tools and equipment routinely operate on a 24-7 basis with minimal downtime for maintenance. Ou…

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Military equipment and vehicles are required to be active in every environment. Our flexible brush solutions protect, seal and clean equipment with ou…

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Protecting cables and cable entry points is a vital element in all telecom, data and signalling installations. Our brush solutions will close unsightl…

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