Pest Control

Prevention is the best form of control. Rodents not only present a significant risk to human health, food hygiene and animal welfare, but also to the integrity and safety of buildings. As a key part of any pest management policy, independent tests show that SUPERSEAL brush strip gives excellent protection against rodent intrusion.

Try the pencil test. If you can push a pencil through a gap, a mouse can get through too!

Rodents carry many diseases which can spread to humans, normally through contact with their saliva, feces or urine. Restaurants, hotels, schools, residential, retail and public buildings are all susceptable to rodent intrusion. Controlling them can be both expensive and unhygienic, which is why prevention is better than cure.

Integrated pest management encourages a sustainable approach to managing pests in a way that minimises health and environmental risks.Bursten closes the gaps around commercial and residential entrances, and reduces the need for pesticides and chemicals. It promotes clean communal and working areas, and maintains air conditioned environments, preventing discomfort for staff, customers and residents alike.

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Rodents thrive in any environment that provides food, water and shelter, a particular concern to buildings that handle feed and foodsfuffs. With increasing demands on food quality, sealing with Bursten will protect stored food and feed from contamination, spoilage and the diseases rodents transmit to humans and farm livestock.
Bursten brush strip maintains an effective flexible seal around all types of agricultural and industrial doors. The flexible and hardwearing filaments adapt to irregular surfaces without impairing door movement, keeping out rodents, reducing draughts to save energy and preserving produce quality.

Don’t forget those out of sight gaps. Not all openings in the fabric of your building are immediately obvious, but can be just as significant. Bursten closes gaps around sliding roofs, eaves and ducting to protect against pest intrusion as well as debris, uncontrolled airflow and heat loss.

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Oh and did we mention that Bursten is durable, simple to install and available from stock for next day delivery? If you need something slightly different, we can quickly tailor it with custom lengths, brush heights, fixing holes and carrier finishes, making it easier for you to get the job done. If you can’t find what you need from our standard range, we’ll design something for you. Simply ask and we’re happy to help.

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