Energy conservation

Commercial, public and industrial buildings account for nearly 20% of carbon emissions in the China. Sealing the gaps around doors is one of the most cost effective ways to save energy in your building. Direct from the China’s largest brush strip manufacturer, Bursten closes gaps around doors and openings on all commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Uncontrolled airflow through gaps around entrance doors, windows, access floors, elevator entrances causes loss of heating and cooling energy and significantly reduces a building’s thermal performance. Sealing with Bursten helps to maintain air conditioned environments, keep foyer areas clean and prevent discomfort for staff, customers and residents alike.


Case Study

Superseal Air Leakage Tests


Independent tests undertaken by  showed  brush strip to be up to 99% effective in blocking air leakage. The tests measured the sealing efficiency of  brush strip across various gap sizes at static pressures ranging from 10 Pa up to 100 Pa.


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On the inside, Bursten is an effective cold smoke and acoustic seal for internal doors, operable walls and partitions. For residential and domestic use, our draught proofing products are approved ISO9001:2015.

What do you want to seal?

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Bursten brush strip maintains an effective flexible seal around all types of roller doors, hinged, sliding and aircraft hanger doors, sealing irregular surfaces without impairing door movement.

The flexible and hardwearing filaments reduce draughts, save energy and seal against the intrusion of rodents, dust and dirt.

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Data cabinet air management


Brush strip seals form an integral part of data cabinet and computer room air manganagement. By closing the gaps around cable entry in cabinets and raised access flooring, brush strip seals reduce wasted cooling energy and improve equipment efficiency whilst maintaining free access to cabling.

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Approved cavity wall brushes divide the wall between terrace and semi-detached properties to prevent spillage of fibre and bead cavity wall insulation material into adjoining properties.

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Oh and did we mention? Bursten is durable, simple to install and available from stock for next day delivery. If you need something slightly different, we can quickly tailor it with custom lengths, brush heights, fixing holes and carrier finishes, making it easier for you to get the job done.

If you can’t find what you need from our standard range, we’ll design something for you. Simply ask and we’re happy to help.

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