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climbing rope brush (2)
climbing rope brush
inverted spiral brush (45)
Inward Coil Brush Ideal For Remove Dust And Dirt On The Wire Rod After Hard Drawing Processing
pipeline inspection bristle block brush assemblies
steering tube brush
steering tube brush
dock leveler brush seals
dock leveler brush seals


Tufted Roller Brush

Tufted roller brushes can be used in many field.The continuous filament movement creates the proper brushing action. From cleaning conveyors to polishing fruits and vegetables, tufted roller brushes are effective and inexpensive way of applying coatings or removing debris for varied surfaces and shapes. Plastic core brushes may be designed for many applications from dusting and polishing to cleaning and scrubbing. A wide selection of brush filaments provides flexibility for a variety of environments. Filament material is staple set into the core material. The core can either be completely plastic or a combination plastic tubing and a steel tube to keep longer lengths rigid. Hubs are typically steel, aluminum, or even poly depending upon your needs. Plastic core brushes use less steel in the manufacturing process, therefore keeping costs to a minimum. Call us for our standard core sizes in stock ready for manufacturing.

Cuffing Brush (1)
shoe polish machine brush (4)
gear connection tufted roller brush (1)
cow brush roller (6)
Einhell brush (2)
rotating water powered brush (2)
brush sweeping rollers (13)
abrasive brush for grinder (3)
stone brush (2)
terrasreiniger maxxbrush (1)
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