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steering tube brush
steering tube brush
dock leveler brush seals
dock leveler brush seals
cssd cleaning brushes (1)
cssd cleaning brushes
syringe cleaning brush (1)
syringe cleaning brush
lab glassware cleaning brushes (1)
lab glassware cleaning brushes


Rubber Rollers

No matter a completely new roller or recovering your existing core. Every high precision rubber roller for printing and dyeing industry is carefully stripped and grit blasted to provide an optimal bonding surface. When cleaned and blasted, the silicone Rubber Roller is wrapped with a rubber meeting customer specs.Then heating transfer silicone rubber roller cured in an autoclave using heat and pressure. The big rubber roller for agarbatti making machine is mounted on a lathe and turned down to the proper diameter dimension,after the curing process.It is a great time to add grooves and crown.

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