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climbing rope brush (2)
climbing rope brush
inverted spiral brush (45)
Inward Coil Brush Ideal For Remove Dust And Dirt On The Wire Rod After Hard Drawing Processing
pipeline inspection bristle block brush assemblies
steering tube brush
steering tube brush
dock leveler brush seals
dock leveler brush seals


Lubrication Brushes

High quality Lubrication Brush from our own production at reasonable prices. Conventional lubrication brushes usually have quite short – and therefore stiff bristles, which have a sufficiently long service life when applying lubricant to fine-grained drive chains. In the case of large chains, or chains which are provided with additional interfering contours such as driving elements or support lugs, these are only conditionally suitable. Because the brush bristles are strongly deflected by passing, they wear out in a very short time.

Roller-Lubrication-Brushes with PA bristles
Lubrication Brushes with VA bristles for Chain Lubrication (1)
Brush Tip for Pint Adhesive Applicator
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