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Vac Vacuum Cleaner 2 12 in Insert Dust Brush (3)
Vac Vacuum Cleaner 2 1/2 in Insert Dust Brush
throat cleaning brush (1)
throat cleaning brush
bagpipe cleaning brushes (1)
bagpipe cleaning brushes
syringe brushes (3)
syringe brushes
Mouthpiece Cleaning Brush Nylon For Trombone Trumpet French Horn Wind Instrument (1)
Mouthpiece Cleaning Brush Nylon For Trombone Trumpet French Horn Wind Instrument



Bursten synthetic filament for high-quality brushes. Bursten synthetic filament is a creative synthetic filament that feels and performs like natural hair, bringing customized solutions to cosmetic brands and brush manufacturers. What is a synthetic filament? Synthetic filament made by humans through chemical composite is to distinguished natural fibers that are directly derived from living organisms. For the Synthetic filament the most popular used type if Polypropylene synthetic filament, polybutylene terephthalate synthetic filament, Polyamide 6 synthetic filament, Polyamide 66 synthetic filament, polyethylene terephthalate synthetic filament. Synthetic filament has good elasticity, synthetic filament does not wrinkle easily, more durable, Less expensive than natural bristle, more readily available than natural fibers, the Most synthetic filament can handle loads without breaking. Synthetic filament is the achievement of wide-ranging research by scientists to improve upon naturally occurring animal and plant fibers. In general, Synthetic filament is created by extruding fiber-forming materials through spinnerets, forming a fiber. These are called synthetic or artificial fibers. Synthetic filament is created by a process known as polymerization, which involves combining monomers to make a long chain or polymer. The synthetic filament can be used in manufacture cosmetic brushes and toothbrushes brush filament.

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