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steering tube brush
steering tube brush
dock leveler brush seals
dock leveler brush seals
cssd cleaning brushes (1)
cssd cleaning brushes
syringe cleaning brush (1)
syringe cleaning brush
lab glassware cleaning brushes (1)
lab glassware cleaning brushes


machine table brush

These block brushes can be designed for handheld use or use in highly automated machinery. The block brush is produced through the drilling of holes and insertion of fill tufts into those holes. We are a professional brush manufacturing company , For the base material, our common produce is plastic, metal or wood. Block brushes can be combined with any type of filament. For the bristle filling type, our common produce is plastic bristle, metal wire bristle, animal hair, natural bristle. For the plastic bristle and metal wire, we will also need a customized bristle diameter. Block brushes are typically a staple set construction. The Block brushes can be made from wood, plastic or metal and the choices for brush fillings and filament length are almost endless. The block brush can be used as handheld scrub brushes as well as brushes that are used for covering surfaces when moving heavy products, polishing, static control and surface preparation. The uses for block brushes are virtually limitless.

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C-track system Technical Brush
Flat punched industrial brushes
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