Tampico Strip Brush

Bursten offers different kinds of customized Tampico strip brush manufacturing and other natural fiber strip brushes machined from vegetable fibers. Tampico fiber brush features a formable metal structural component knowings as a channel base, and Tampico strip brush fill which will be varied by channel backing size, trim length, and density to have an effect on the aggressiveness of the brushing action. The Tampico strip brush sander brush on the sanding system ideal for polishing wood can be used in wooden furniture polishing, sealing windows and door, as part of the equipment. Tampico bristle is output from the agave Lechuguilla plant growing wild in Mexico, and offers excellent water absorption and retention, compared to synthetic filaments. Tampico strip brush also has a good heat resistance and can rate for a maximum wet operating temperature of 400°f. Wet or dry for scrubbing, washing, polishing, and dusting also suitable for the Tampico strip brush. Tampico bristle used to fill strip brushes can be also treated to make them stiff and tacky for the application of grease stick and abrasive compounds.