Black Nylon Door Sweeper Brush

Nylon bristle door weather strip brush for sliding door seals also called straight flange with the brush in aluminum extrusions. Originally developed for a weather-stripping application, these objects are applicated to economically settle a wide scope of in-plant and OEM applications. Nylon weather strip brush seal for sliding door seals usage:1. Shut out pests like birds and rodents2. Shut out dirt, dust, and debris3. Shut out weather like wind, rain, and snow4. Hold interior temperature management5. Hold interior cleanliness6. Supply privacy and security7. Eliminate light-weight escape8. Provide a drag (i.E., For eutherian mammal noise)nylon door sweeper brush strip area unit used on hinged or region slippy barn doors to make a barrier between the inside area and also the external setting. Pls, feel free to connect with me if you want to buy that type of brush. We will always standby and do my best to help you.