Metal Channel Cup Style Brush

A wide variety of Cup Brush Seals – Ring Seals – Disc Brush Seals is Bursten's specialize selection. Bursten good at Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing of all types of Cup Brush Seals for all types of applications. A Metal Channel cup cleaning brush is basically a strip brush looped laterally to form a dish shape. These are made to suit a particular task. Cup style industrial bristle brush is most often used as a seal around a cylindrical rotating piece, like a drill bit or grinding device. The Metal Channel Cup style brush with metal channel and black PP bristle ideal for cleaning and sealing shields the operation from chips or dust flying into its surrounding area. These brushes can be formed in full circle or in segments. Cup seals can be formed with straight sides or at various angles. The application1. can be used as vacuum brushes.2. can be used as a seal around drills.3. can be used as a cutter and routers. 4. Larger size cup brushes are used in swimming pool cleaners and gutter brooms.