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The advantage of wire end brush is flexible in application, with low cost, end brush can be used in surface treatment such as deburring, rust-removal, polishing, etc. especially for the hard-to-reach area. We offer the inverted coil brush to buyers around the world. We have strong design capabilities and quality control capabilities to ensure the quality of our products. Our dampening brushes,360°chain cleaning brush, and wire rope cleaning brush is exported to many countries around the world and have a good market reputation.

Drum Brushes Retractable Wire Brushes Drum Sticks Brush

Drum Brushes Retractable Wire Brushes Drum Sticks Brush

 Features of Drum Brushes Retractable Wire Brushes Drum Sticks Brush Comfortable steeel handle: it is about 7 inch/ 17.8 cm long and 0.8 inch/ 2 cm wide, long and thick enough to provide comfortable grip Application: the drum wire brushes can be retracted for greater volume and articulation, good choices for professional drummer playing, beginner pr Easy to store and carry the stick brush; Save space: the loop on the end helps you hang the brush.

Deburring Brush

Deburring Brush

Shanghai Bursten has added a new brush to its lineup of surface deburring brushes. The new deburring brush is the most aggressive in the lineup and can tackle burrs in today's toughest materials: it is a proven problem solver in titanium castings for the aerospace and defense industries.As the thicker and stiffer diamond abrasive nylon bristles let the brush gets its enhanced deburring action,making it 3 times more aggressive.That type of deburring brush provide a continuous cutting edge and consistent grinding performance credit to it unique self-sharpening diamond abrasive nylon bristles. Each bristle contains 1000 diamond abrasive nylon filaments, with no fillers or binders, providing end to end abrasive material in each bristle.

 Abrasive Nylon End  brush

Abrasive Nylon End brush

Nylon brushes do not scratch and therefore they are appropriate for cleaning and polishing of: ●Any kind of wood (fine or rustic). ●Metallic surfaces such as automobile bodies. ●Tile, stone and concrete. ●Plastic materials. ●Stainless Steel and Aluminium

Steel Wire End Brushes

Steel Wire End Brushes Ideal For Dirt And Paint Removal

Steel wire End Brushes ideal for dirt and paint removal can be used as cleaning and deburring in hard to reach areas, removal of paint, rubber excess, cleaning of moulds and castings. Also for working on edges and curves, and in the inside of the bores, etc. End brushes are also available in other shapes, spreaded or pointed.

Circular Flared End Brush

Circular Flared Crimped Stainless Steel Wire End Brush Ideal For Die Grinder And Right Angle Die Grinders

Circular Flared Crimped stainless steel Wire End Brush ideal for die grinder and right angle die grinders ideal for more demanding light-duty cleaning applications in corners and hard-to-reach areas and Addressing Broad and Slightly Contoured Surfaces.

Brass End Brushes

Brass End Brushes Ideal For Clean Castings And Blend Edges

Brass Wire End Brushes ideal for clean castings and blends edges are made with pure brass wire (copper wire) and metal collar, which is a great tool for light-duty cleaning, polishing in smaller areas. Brass Wire End Brushes ideal for clean castings and blends edges can deburr, clean castings, blend edges and surfaces, etc. It is to be used with portable drills. Brass Wire End Brushes ideal for clean castings and blends edges has a very flexible brushing action ideal for more demanding light-duty cleaning in corners and hard-to-reach areas.

Abrasive End Brushes

Abrasive End Brushes Used In Cleaning And Finishing Cnc And Robotic Parts

Abrasive End Brushes can be used in cleaning and finishing CNC and robotic parts.Frequently used to fit into tight areas too small for wheels and discs, they are for operations where balance is critical, as in CNC and robotic use, to remove plastic bridle keeps silicon carbide impregnated filaments from flaring,used in cleaning and finishing, de-burring, edge blending, polishing spot facing, brushing recessed areas, etc.

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