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Einhell brush





●Steel brush suitable for heavy cleaning of stone surfaces
●Ideally suitable for coarse, rough, insensitive surfaces
●Brush diameter: 115 mm
●Cleaning width: 195 mm
●Not suitable for polished or honed natural/artificial stone
●Not suitable for sealed surfaces
●Includes additional splash guard

item description
The Einhell surface brush ULTRA (stone) is an accessory for the Einhell cordless surface brush PICOBELLA. The robust steel brush is ideal for strong cleaning of stubborn dirt, deposits, lichen, moss and rust on coarse, rough, insensitive stone surfaces such as granite, porphyry or quartzite. The ULTRA brush is not suitable for polished, ground or sealed natural/artificial stone surfaces. The brush diameter is 115 mm, the working width is 195 mm. Additional brushes for the Einhell PICOBELLA are available separately.

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