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CRB Machine Brushes

Our CRB machines are very effective in the carpet and hard floor cleaning industry, but there is still a lot of information about our different types of CRB machine brushes to be shared. The brushes play an important role in how effective the CRB machine can be.

CRB Cleaning Systems offers five different types of brushes for our CRB machines. These CRB machine brushes each play a specific role depending on the type of cleaning that will be done.

We will go over all of our brushes and guide you to determine which will work best for you and your project. Our five following brushes are distinguished by color.

We offer a yellow, green, blue, gray, and white brush. Each brush is named for the level of the texture between the brushes ranging from extra stiff to extra soft.

Blue standard brush

Our blue standard CRB machine brush is generally used for hardwood floor cleaning. The blue brush is a commercial grade level loop that is low cut. It also has some tile and grout and has a wear indicator informing you when it needs to be change.

The TM4 and TM5 machines are both compatible with the blue brush. The blue brush is what comes with each machine and is the most balanced brush we offer.

Green stiff brush

As you continue to use our versatile machines on hard floor surfaces, you will need to focus on a stiffer brush. Our green stiff CRB cleaning brush is very useful for these types of projects.

Our green brush is a commercial synthetic loop pile and tile and grout. In addition, it has a wear indicator making sure you have enough time to replace the brush.

They can be used for residential cleaning, but will need to be ran on concrete for 1-2 minutes. It can be used on both our TM4 and TM5 machines.

Yellow stiff brush

Our yellow CRB cleaning brush is the stiffest brush that we offer. We do not recommend you use these brushes for anything but restoration work. They work with both the TM4 and the TM5.

You can use the brushes for severely matted low loop pile carpets that are for commercial or residential work. They come with a wear indicator like our other brushes.

Our yellow brushes aren’t for regular use and like mentioned above are best for restoration work. You will want to consult with the carpet manufacturer to ensure these brushes are the best method.

However, despite best being used only for restoration work, there are more uses than you might think to use the yellow brush. You will need to use it on concrete prior to use and then it can be used on both nasty residential and commercial jobs as long as it is restoration.

White extra soft brush

Our softest CRB cleaning brush has soft and delicate natural fibers that give it the perfect texture for cleaning carpets. This is our white extra soft brush. It comes with a natural wear indicator and is a durable brush working with our TM4/TM5 machines.

Our white brushes are generally strictly used for cleaning oriental rugs. They are specifically designed to run at an optimal level over those types of carpets.

Gray soft brush

If you need a little bit more of a softer touch than the blue brush, then the gray soft CRB machine brush is your best bet. Our gray brush is best for residential synthetic fiber cut pile or commercial wool loop pile carpets. It comes with a wear indicator of course.

We recommend for use on wool commercial carpets that are particularly seen in hotels. This rings especially true if the carpets have never been dry cleaned before. Otherwise, this will lift up a lot of carpet fiber and fuzz balls.


Our machines come with a standard blue brush because it is our most versatile brush. However, our other four CRB cleaning brushes are great compliments and can take your carpet and hard floor cleaning to the next level. Especially when dealing with specific cleaning projects and circumstances.

These brushes can all be used in various situations that will allow your CRB machine to perform better. Hopefully this blog post has given you more information on how to best utilize these brushes.

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