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These brushes are screw-shaped and designed to operate while rotating within shaft, trough, or other hollow tube.

A brush coil attached to the auger flight improves the effectiveness of the conveyor. This is useful for separating solids from liquids, screen cleaning, and conveying dry materials through an auger flight. Auger flight brushes help make the conveyor virtually self-cleaning.

Make Your Own Brush Auger


Conventional augers can be converted into bristle augers right in your farm shop to reduce seed or grain damage, says Uniflyte, Orion, Ill., which recently introduced a new add-on bristle flighting for grain augers.

The flighting consists of a coiled poly brush strip mounted on a steel channel. It comes with a set of steel clips. You weld the base of the clip onto the outer edge of the auger flighting and then snap the brush into the clip. When the brush eventually wears out it can be quickly replaced by folding the clip back, allowing you to just remove the old brush and snap a new one in.

The brush sweeps the auger tube clean and prevents cracking of seed beans and other crops, according to the company.

“It saves a lot of time because to make this kind of brush auger conversion in the past, farmers had to send their auger to the factory,” says a company spokesman. “Without the clips there’s no way to weld the channel directly to the auger flighting without melting the poly brush strip.”

Auger Flight Brushes

These brushes are screw-shaped and designed to operate while rotating within shaft, trough, or other hollow tube. They come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of most any industry. Auger flight brushes may be used for purposes such as:

  • Moving product down the shaft
  • Preventing product from falling through gaps
  • Cleaning (i.e.., an industrial dishwasher where food scraps would be guided to a disposal)
  • Powder applications (i.e., concrete mixing)

Brush filaments are customized to suit your need and can be as fine and gentle or rough and course as you need for your application.

If you’d like to speak with one of our custom brush experts about your auger flight brush needs or ideas, please call our office. We’ve got just the brush for you or we will work with you to design your brush solution from concept to creation.

Pls do me a favor to confirm the data
A-brush OD
B=brush ID
D -X*Y, channel material
See the specification of X*Y

Channel material-our common use galvanized iron,201SS,304SS, pls choose one. Wire material-our common use is plastic bristle, antistatic bristle, metal wire, horsehair, sisal, pls choose one.

For the plastic bristle, we also need to know the bristle color and bristle diameter. See the details of plastic bristle
For the metal wire, we just need to know the wire diameter, wire material. For the wire material, our common use is steel wire,201SS wire,304SS wire, brass wire, copper coated steel wire, pls choose one.

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