stone brush MEDIUM | Accessories for MultiBrush and PowerBrush | Cleaning cobblestones and flagstones | hard nylon brush | 10 cm diameter | 16.5cm width

COMPATIBILITY: The MEDIUM stone brush fits the following Bursten BrushSystem devices: MultiBrush li-on, MultiBrush speedcontrol and PowerBrush speedcontrol
CLEAN STONE SURFACES: The 16.5 cm wide nylon brush allows you to work quickly and removes coarse dirt such as moss and green growth from stone surfaces in no time at all. After the application, the yard shines in new splendor
HARD MATERIAL: The bristles are made of hard nylon. The brush roller should only be used on flagstones that are not sealed
EASY ASSEMBLY: The brush roller can be attached to the MultiBrush devices without any tools using the snap fastener. All you need for mounting on the PowerBrush speedcontrol is a shank key