round brush; deburring, polishing and structuring

Product description
Lessmann round brushes are available in a wide range of applications for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. They are suitable for building stationary and hand-held machines. Their areas of application are mainly solid surface treatments such as rusting, deburring, structuring and removing layers, including paint, rubber pads or underbody protection. They are ideal for working in hard-to-reach places.

For deburring, polishing and structuring stainless steel, aluminum and plastic.
High quality silicon carbide grinding brushes.
Quality: made in Germany.
Technical specifications
Diameter: 50mm
Pad height: 10mm
Pad length: 12mm
rpm (max): 15,000
Shaft: Ø 6mm
Grinding bristles SIC K 120 /1.10 mm
Delivery content:
10 x Lessmann round brushes.
1 x pack for 10 pcs.