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Antiquing & distressing wood
Distressing brushes

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Get an old and rustic wood look

In recent years, demand for the ‘wood look’ has increased considerably. Cosma distressing brushes give wood and plastic surfaces texture, depth and the desired rustic and weathered look. These brushes are used on products such as wooden floors, wall coverings, furniture, decking, garden partitions and veneer. They are also used for deburring metal.

Wire brushing vs. removing wood grain with smooth finish

Distressing brushes are made of steel wire or abrasive nylon. Steel wire brushes (wire brushing) distress both the hard grain and the soft grain whereas nylon abrasive brushes sand away only the soft ‘late wood’ which lies alongside the hard ‘early wood’. Because nylon abrasive brushes leave behind a fully sanded surface, the demand for this type of brush continues to grow.