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Application of Bursten brushes in the hardware, building materials and textile industries

2020-04-21 12:20:07

Shanghai Bursten Industrial Co., Ltd. combines R & D, manufacturing and sales of bristle brushes, strip brushes, spiral brushes, brushes, brush rollers, industrial brushes, cleaning brushes, and is committed to creating a leading industrial brush manufacturer!

Main used to the following industries:

Hardware, building materials industry: products include non-fired brick machine board brush, brick machine brush, color tile machine brush, iron bar brush, pipe brush, abrasive filament brush, polishing brush, roller brush, wire brush roller, coil brush, etc. Silicon Carbide Abrasive wire roller brushes are used to deburr and sand the surface of castings or inverted molds.

        Textile industry: products include setting machine brush wheel, sanding machine brush, Bristles machine brush, combing machine brush, brown brush, spinning machine brush, dermabrasion machine brush, polishing cloth wheel. Special brush roller for singeing machine, using hog bristle or nylon and other bristle materials, the shaft uses 45 # round steel + injection molding, and the gray fabric from the textile has a lot of extra hair, the purpose of the single roller is to remove these extra hair Brush it out, and there is an open flame under the brush roller to burn these hairs; the frame opening roller of the frame divider is made of 45 # round steel roller shaft, nylon and other materials, and the herringbone is from the middle to the two sides. The hair is planted in an oblique way, and the brush roller feeds the cloth into the roll. The function of the herringbone oblique is to brush the cloth on both sides to make it straight; the needle plate is pressed against the brush wheel, the injection body is in the middle, and the bristles are mostly bristles. The purpose is to pass the cloth through The pressure of the bristles presses against the needle plate of the machine.

    Shanghai Bursten Industrial Co., Ltd. sincerely hopes to cooperate with friends in various industries and Chinese and foreign enterprises to establish a mutually beneficial and win-win business relationship.