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Looking back on 2020, it was a tough year, but we made it througth. Hope all of our client and friend obtain more happiness and less pain in 2021.

Dec 29,2020

What is a Roller Brush used for?

Aug 12,2020

Abrasive Nylon brush Trouble Shooting Guide

Jul 03,2020

Application of Bursten brushes in the hardware, building materials and textile industries

Apr 21,2020

How to clean the oily steel bar with the abrasive nylon cylinder brush

Apr 20,2020

Why Clean Solar Panels

Apr 14,2020

How to design a perfect tube/pipe twisted in wire brushes

Apr 13,2020

How to select the right strip brush from us

Mar 30,2020

There are many ways to produce industrial brushes, and all of the methods described below have been used.

Mar 30,2020

The cutting action of the filaments of abrasive nylon brushes is unique compared to traditional metal filaments that are designed to chop on the filament tips.

Mar 17,2020