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How to select the right strip brush from us?

Bursten provides brush-based solutions for industrial applications ranging from shielding machine tools to guides on conveyor systems.Our strip brush is available in a broad range of sizes, with a variety of filament types, channels and holders to meet a range of application requirements. From food and drug processing to wire descaling, we manufacture Nylon Bristle Door Seals Brush Aluminium Window Weather Strip Brush to meet your specifications. Our in-house. the engineering team and design services are available to help you identify the exact requirements for your application. We can work with your engineers and CAD drawings to provide custom-formed inverted and external coils, external and inverted spirals, cups, arcs, and custom shapes and trim lengths.

At Bursten, we constantly strive to provide high-quality products and services, continuously monitoring and improving our processes and performance to make sure we meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. Our ISO certification ensures that we relentlessly review our processes and activities to maintain the quality our customers expect.

Several factors need to be considered to select the right brush for an application. When these factors are properly considered, selecting the right size brush with the best filament and channel material for your application is ensured. Factors to consider include:
Application Type:shielding,closing.gaps,static dissipation,.etc
Environment:wet/dry,acid/alkaline/solvents,hot/cold,direct sunlight,EMI or static present
Operation Cycles: heavy or light.duty
Physical Properties:soft or aggressive filament,synthetic/natural/metal filament,filament length,etc


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