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How to handle the surface drawing of brushed aluminium

Drawing treatment of brushed aluminium sheet is to be done after stamping. Drawing models can be made according to decoration needs, such as straight lines, disorderly lines, threads, corrugation and spiral lines.

Straight grain drawing refers to the machining of straight lines on the surface of china brushed aluminum plateby means of mechanical friction. It possesses the dual effects of brushing off the scratch on the surface of aluminum plate and decorating the surface of aluminum plate. There are two kinds of continuous and intermittent filaments. Continuous silks can be obtained by stopping continuous horizontal linear friction on the surface of aluminum plate through the process of cleaning cloth or stainless steel brush. Change the wire diameter of stainless steel brush, which can lose different thickness of the line. The intermittent filaments are normally processed and produced by the machine. Preparing principle is that the two groups of synthetic differential wheel rotates, the group for the heart-the rotating roller, the slow rotation of the group under the conditions of the rubber roller, aluminum or aluminum alloy pass between two groups of the roller, and brush out fine intermittent straight grain.

Corrugation is normally made on the brush or stripper. Use the axial movement of the upper set of grinding rollers, the aluminum belt is grand on the surface of aluminum or aluminum alloy plate to obtain the wavy pattern.

Sandblast treatment is to lose the film light decoration or fine reflective surface to match the soft light and other special design requirements. The average moderate sandblasting treatment can also overcome the rare defects of aluminum surface.

The striated drawing is a kind of irregular, non-obvious striated silks, which makes the front and rear of the aluminum plate move and rub, and this process for aluminum or aluminum alloy plate surface has higher request.


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