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How to clean the oily steel bar with the abrasive nylon cylinder brush?

It is very difficult to clean the steel bar with stains. You don’t have to worry about it if you have an abrasive nylon cylinder brush. Cleaning is the main skill of the abrasive roller deburring brush. Without tools, you can soak the steel bar in the cleaning solution first. Some stains may be immersed directly, while some stubborn stains cannot fall off spontaneously. At this time, you need to use an external force to remove them.

By using the abrasive nylon euro-style roller brush for surface finish Grinding to clean the steel bar that has been soaked. The method is very simple. It is to continuously wash the surface of the steel bar with the brush and apply a strong mechanical force to the oil stains. Or a mixture of iron powder and stains can be washed off with a brush. The brush roller has a certain grinding effect on the steel, which can remove the rust on the surface of the steel bar together with the curing anti-rust oil. In the process of scrubbing, it should be noted that the cleaning fluid has a very important role. In addition to the degreasing effect, the cleaning fluid also has a certain lubricating effect on the bristles. If there is no cleaning fluid, the bristles will dry rub on the surface of the steel bar. The temperature rises and melts and damages.

In order to increase the cleaning effect of the high-quality abrasive roller deburring brush, the reaction force between the bristles and the steel bar can be used to add friction force. But pay attention to the direction and angle of water spray, and maintain the same direction of spraying the brush roller and the cleaning fluid, and must ensure that the angle of the spray water is slightly skewed to the abrasive nylon brush Ideal for scratch brushing aluminum as well as other metals for decorative finishes at the tangent of the brush roller and the steel belt, so that the cleaning fluid and the tangential force with the bristles and the radial centrifugal force is thrown towards the steel bar, and the result is much better.

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