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Concrete block brushes

Concrete block brushes

Bursten is one of the leading suppliers of special brushes for concrete block production.
Introduced in the early 1990s, Weber’s original strip brush has set the standard in terms of quality and performance. These standards are still valid today. We have been working with leading manufacturers of concrete block producers and concrete block production machine manufacturers for more than 20 years.

Feed drawer brushes

The original – Nylon on the outside, metal wire on the inside, tightly connected to a galvanized steel profile back – a unique system and unsurpassed to this very day – developed by Bursten.  The bristles are arranged more densely than in any other comparable brush. Safely seated in the steel back, they are never in danger of folding or falling out.

Bursten feed drawer brushes have been designed to withstand the extreme stress occurring during the production process. Our special material mixture, high bristle density, special fixation process, unique number of bristle lines and high grade workmanship provide for a constantly high, pristine, product quality. We offer three different types of brush holders which are attached to the feed drawer.


Wooden brush strips – the classic

  • Rugged wooden body in standard sizes 30 x 30 mm and 50 x 30 mm – other sizes available on request
  • Individual material mixture: flat wire, nylon, or mixture
  • Standard bristle length: 60 and 90 mm – other lengths available on request

Spiral brushes

Rotary brushes for green products

The spiral-shaped bristle arrangement produces a lateral sweeping movement so that burrs on the side or on the back can be removed more easily. Thanks to the loose spiral shape, this brush can be set deeper than conventional brushes. The effect: the bristles are able to penetrate the gaps between the stones deeper without causing any damage.

Technical specifications:

  • Pipe diameter: 45, 55, 65, 80, and 103 mm
  • Sweep diameter: 150-500 mm
  • Length: up to 2.500 mm
  • Spiral slope: 20 mm (< 100 r.p.m.), up to 50 mm (> 100 r.p.m.) and fully covered
  • Material: premium-quality nylon bristles or standard qualities such as polypropylene

Sweep-out brushes are used to effectively clean bristle heads and interspaces in spiral brushes to prevent mud points or encrustations. The length of the brush carrier and of the bristles, as well as the number of retaining brackets, can be individually adapted to the spiral brush.

Board sweeping brushes

  • Customized solutions – Bristles adapted to the board material
  • Variable material mixture – plastic and/or wire, abrasive bristles


  • Individual adjustment to the type of board
  • Effective cleaning – brushes loosen encrustations without damaging the boards

Mould brushes

Custom-fit, mould brushes for any curbstone. Weber offers premium-quality, custom-fit mould brushes for the lateral cleaning of upstanding, round, flat, or flush curbs, including both standard and special geometries.

  • For all standard curb geometries
  • Individual shapes and versions available
  • Variable material mixture: nylon, flat wire, or mixture
  • Particularly shock-resistant plastic body

The cleaning and conditioning system for all types of production pallets made of steel, plastic, and wood, open for integration. Inline application


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