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Brush And Bristle Guide

Choose the best brush for your specific application. To prevent bacteria growth, Synthetic materials are the
best choice with high quality natural materials a good alternate to prevent bacteria growth. Our fine selection of bristles offers you a
choice of solutions for any application.


Nylon brush filament – Excellent abrasion resistance, shear/break strength, and bristle bend recovery. SYNTHETIC BRISTLES have Very good chemical resistance and sustains temperatures up to 350°F. Best choice for abrasive, rough use.
Polypropylene brush filament – Excellent chemical resistance to acids, oils, fungus, and bacteria growth. Good abrasion resistance, and shear/break strength. Sustains temperatures up to 107.2 degree.Polypropylene brush filament is the best choice as an economical synthetic foodservice alternative to natural fibers.
Horsehair brush filament – A natural pointed tip, good shear/break resistance, and soft cleaning properties. Horsehair brush filament is an an ideal choice for interior floor sweeps when blended with other fibers as it have good durability and excellent blending properties

Boar Bristle brush filament – Bleached and sterilized bristles can withstand temperatures of up to 500˚F. Boar Bristle brush filament have long life as the double boiling process. Boar bristle is one of the best choices for high heat basting as it have natural taper and split ends.
Tampico – Tampico fiber from the Mexican agave plant is a soft to medium soft bristle with very good durability. Best choice for finer floor sweeps and general cleaning scrub brushes.
Stainless Steel Wire –Provides a high degree of abrasion and wear resistance, rust proof, excellent chemical resistance, excellent bend recovery. Stainless Steel Wire is best foodservice choice for aggressive cleaning on grills and other heavily soiled foodservice equipment.
Carbon Steel Wire – A high degree of abrasion and wear resistance, Good bend recovery,best choice for aggressive cleaning on grills and other heavily soiled equipment.
Brass Wire –Softer than stainless steel or carbon steel to prevent equipment damage rust resistant, provides a high degree of abrasion.Brass Wire can be used on ovens,griddles, and other metal equipment that is heavily soiled but cannot sustain heavy scratches.


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