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Abrasive Brushes for Metal

Bursten metal finishing abrasive brushes for metal are utilized in many manufacturing metal finishing applications within a range of manufacturing industries including automotive, aerospace, military, HVAC, and sheet metal processing.

Bursten provides a variety of twisted, disc and rotary brushes for surface conditioning and deburring applications. Working closely with parts and component manufacturers as well as metal fabricators, we design brushes that meet the rigorous needs of both internal and external parts finishing.

Our abrasive brushes for metal product line works to round sharp edges and condition surfaces of internal components with uniform filament distribution, providing a smooth, consistent finish. Brush conditioning works to eliminate any potential loose metal and remove flakes that can contaminate or affect normal machinery operation as well as offering significant benefits in increasing throughput and enhanced cutting action.

Our engineering staff will work with machinery manufacturers to precise specifications including diameter, length, thickness and brush density.


  • Deburring and finishing cast aluminum parts
  • Removing burrs and sharp edges on machined flat surfaces
  • Surface finishing and burr removal


  • Descaling wire and tubes
  • Surface cleaning and finishing metal parts and assemblies
  • Applying oil in continuous sheet metal processing
  • Removing rust from metal parts
  • Removing mill abrasion
  • Applying alkaline, cold detergent and mineralized water in degreasing processes

Abrasive Wire Brushes

  • Deburring cross-hole intersections in machined assemblies
  • Debris removal and cleaning internal bores
  • Finishing and polishing small inside diameter holes on machined parts


  • Transporting and conveyor guiding of machined parts
  • Product positioning during metal finishing operations


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